Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Boxes

Slide 1This year, we have designed three different holiday gift boxes. We are also offering three designs of boxes to fit your needs. We have a fun “Happy Holidays” box, a more subtle “Ornaments” box, or the simple “Blue Flakes” box. Choose one of our premade boxes or create your own with items they’ll love.
Small Holiday Gift Box- contains: peppermint snaps- 4oz, Spice tea Mix- 7 oz, Hot Chocolate- 3 oz, Mississippi Classic Cheese Straws- 3.5 oz and a Christmas Tree Pecan Turtle- 1.5 oz $28.00
Medium Holiday Gift Box- contains: butterscotch snaps-8 oz, Sea salt roasted pecans- 5 oz, Peanut clusters- 4 oz, Asiago cheese straws- 3.5 oz, and Southern trash with nuts- 2 oz $32.00
Large Holiday Gift Box contains: Pecan Divinity -4 oz, Raspberry Snaps- 8 oz, Magnolia munchies-4 oz, Mississippi Classic Cheese Straws- 6.5 oz, Hot Chocolate- 12 oz, and Mulling Spice -6 oz $45.00

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